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Techniques for trading Delta Neutral, Calendar Spreads,
Option Scale Trading and other Option Secrets
in the Commodity Futures markets
deltaneutraltrading book
This commodity options system is unlike anything you've ever been exposed to before.

I'm tired of watching traders get ripped off. Many years ago, I purchased futures option systems and newsletters that were way overpriced and lacked any unique trading style.

I won't go over each one, but one was a $250.00 a month futures options newsletter that showed me how to spot 90 percent winners. All based on probability!

I received one Futures Options Credit Spread trade a month! It's not a bad strategy. In fact probability trading in the options market is a great strategy, if done correctly, but the problem is you didn't need his service.

You can look at the Delta of a futures option to figure out the probability of the trade. Too high a monthly charge and too simple a strategy.

Currently there are futures options newsletters on the Internet priced at $100 - $200 per month with the same old Delta Neutral, Credit Spread type of trading.

Look, if you are serious about trading options for a living... then you can't overlook this opportunity to learn new techniques never before seen:

Do you want futures option trades that are so statistically in your favor that you can absolutely know you will be ahead of the game the moment you put the trade on.

The focus will be on 2 trades - For samples, see below

Never Before Seen
Commodity Option Techniques

  • Learn one way to spot which options are cheap or expensive without knowing a thing about "The Greeks" (Vega, Theta, Delta, Gamma).
  • What should you look for before buying or selling an option.
  • Get real time e-mails when I spot inconsistencies in an option market.
  • New and different ways to use these techniques.

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